Website Malware

Ever been hit with a message "The Site Ahead Contains Malware"? Well, it happens quite often and never seemed to worry me that much until I started wondering what I would do if it was my website that got hit. Getting a message like this is potentially disastrous for your company reputation and probably does more damage than many other cyber threats out there. 

When your website becomes a platform for Malware, your site get's blacklisted by Google. Besides throwing you into panic just think of the associated costs when something like this happens. You may need to an online reputation expert to manage some positive PR for you.

Along with this you will also need a real expert who understands how to fix the problem. Then, there's the damage to your SEO Depending on what you're selling the damage to reputation can be extremely costly. 

Taking action can be tedious, from putting your site into quarantine to prevent further damage all the way to identifying vulnerabilities and cleaning your site up. Then you have to request a review of your site and ask Google to reconsider the sites malware description ( .

Getting to the source of the problem: One of the problems that have been positively identified with website malware is having your site hosted by a provider (usually offering cheap hosting) that ends up using your domain as an intermediary for distributing malware to visitors of your site. Compromises to your website may include a hidden iframe, or external script,or unauthorized redirect 

When you host your website with a hosting provider that offer cheap hosting the chance that you could become a carrier for malware is very high. Many hosting providers may actually make up the cost of cheap hosting by allowing  malware to be used on your site. 

Another source of website malware is WordPress code, particularly the plugins that are written with bad code, leaving vulnerabilities open for hackers to get in and do real damage.

When you host your website with questionable hosting providers the chance that you could become a carrier for malware is very high. Many hosting providers will make up the cost of cheap hosting by using malware on your site. 

A solid alternative to making sure your site will not be hacked is hosting it on Exai. The solution is fully managed and maintained for you, from security all the way to updates plugins across the board. You WILL NOT GET ANY HIDDEN MALWARE ON EXAI's platform. In addition to this Exai offers any user the ability to clone or duplicate their website in one click. This provides extra peace of mind to anyone that wants a full backup of their website. SO you have full website recovery at your fingertips at no additional cost.

Take these factors into account before choosing your website hosting provider and Website builder.