Web content

Web content has been acknowledged as one of the most important factors in the marketing of a website. Good content rich websites rank better, have lower bounce rates and much higher traffic than websites that have poor content. Another problem with web content is adding it. We found that ease of use (adding content) becomes an important factor in whether customers would add fresh content to their site. Sometimes  fear of making errors on the site kept website owners from adding content and updating their websites on a frequent basis.

In any SMB, finding the best content and having someone in the company add it can land you in trouble. For example what happens if you get a co worker to add content and they disrupt the site design instead? How about another area that impacts content and that's key words, can they be added seamlessly to correspond to your content.

Yet another aspect of web content includes overall site design and this is where alot of Web Builders fail dismally. Why? Because you get what we call a MINIMALIST and FLAT web design template. Great pictures, wide open colours and space, plenty of it . Only problem here is that while your template may look great, the overall structure of the site does not lend itself to including content as a main factor.

So what can Exai offer that helps you achieve a website that focuses on building content so that you can achieve better rankings. 

Let's start at ease of use. Exai is built with an intuitive WYSIWYG editor that allows you to publish and update content easily on your site. If you're concerned about messing with the design there is a permission based mechanism that can prevent design, header and footer tampering. SO you don't have to be afraid of updating your content frequently.

Looking at the templates  that Exai provides they are balanced to allow for including great media without forfeiting your content. In addition to this there is an extremely useful tools in the PAGE SETTINGS bar which allows you to include niched key words within your website. The code that the website builder generates is clean which allows for Google bots to crawl your-site correctly.

Creating your own web content is extremely powerful because it's organic as opposed to paid. So putting your weight behind creating original content means that you can rank high, get more clicks at no cost to you. That's why ease of use and using a balanced template structure are so vital for your site.

Original content for your site is usually only something you can produce and with a website builder like Exai, we can help to make your experience easy, practical and proactive. For those of you asking about mobile, Exai automatically provides you with a mobile friendly site and you can choose to let it update new content automatically or you can just as easily edit your mobile site for peak performance.

So to get started building a a site now that gives you use of hundreds of excellent templates a and easy editing features to start adding content, click HERE.

For those SMB's that already have a website and would like to migrate their site onto Exai's platform click HERE.