Web Design Inspiration

Web design inspiration starts with an idea and can flow into producing some of the most spectacular websites available online today. In fact, it could be said that some of the best websites are created , not by implementing someone else's idea of what a website should look like or pre-designed themes, but rather by creating what inspires you. This approach of web design inspiration may be the key to creating great looking websites!

To get an idea of how to use web design inspiration just take a look at the website Pinterest. Checking out many of the designs that very ordinary people make tells a profound story of how inspiration can effect and enhance web design.

We can ask the question "what are web designers after"? What works in design, what doesn't work, and why? Does user experience override design creativity? Which ever way you look at design, no one can deny that USER NEEDS are what matters. In fact here's a short list of what we , at Exai think is important in web design:


  • Use of effective content
  • Focus users attention
  • Make it simple

Other things to keep in mind

  • Draw inspiration from around the web so that you keep up-to-date with trends and web standards.
  • Understand context and what type of content matters
  • Incorporate inspiration into your workflow 
  • Start with needs- we mean user needs not business needs
  • How the to "spread the word" , how it will get found

The idea of "keeping web design simple' is really a focus at Exai. In fact we want to keep the entire web building process as simple and effective as possible. To that end we've created a CMS provides you with easy to use tools and makes designing both effective and inspirational. For example, one problem today that many websites have is having NO MOBILE VERSION OF THE WEBSITE. With Exai every website designed on the system is automatically Mobile Enabled. 

Another issue in problematic design is displaying too much content on your site,making navigation confusing and complicated registration forms. Although these seem like straightforward issues to avoid they still present themselves on websites time and time again.

Using one of Exai's template can go along way to help you eliminate these problems because much of the layout and design has already been done for you.

There is also another element of web design that has in many cases been even more fatal than just making onsite design errors-these can be fixed! What about client expectations and clear communication? What about managing those expectations. How many times have you come across issues from customers like " we like the design, but just a few MINOR changes". What's starts out as minor changes may end up a big mess accuse minor changes start to add up, other people start getting involved etc etc.

If you use Exai then you can show clients, very graphically exactly what they can expect, eliminating alot of the problems we just mentioned. With Exai once you've designed a website you can also CLONE the website , suing your same design and reducing your work effort.