One Page Website

How long will it take you to catch up with bigger traffic websites before you start becoming more competitive?

If building a large website seems overwhelming then the answer may be in constructing a simple one page website with Exai's Web Builder.

Small and medium-sized businesses typically lag behind their larger counterparts when it comes to marketing efforts. 

Don't let bigger online competitors take your market share.

Create a One Page Website Using Exai's Website Builder:

  • It's efficient-Create a One Page Website in minutes
  • It's cost effective-One Fixed Monthly Cost
  • It's quick-Drag and Drop

Next year, SMB's say they plan to focus on building more of their businesses online. 

For this purpose, Exai not only provides an excellent set of web building tools but also helps you to scale your site by creating more pages at no extra cost.

So, getting back to the one page website, how can you leverage just one page  to compete with larger companies out there. 

Firstly with only one page you're pressed to make your company message so relevant, inspiring and targeted that visitors will be captivated and even immersed in your story. While this may not sound easy, it's certainly doable. 

For example, on a one page website there is less guesswork for visitors to do and there’s very little to do or become confused about. 

It’s just the visitor, your company story and the primary objective for which that site was designed. If the site’s narrative and flow are effective it will keep visitors on the site longer, bounce rates will decrease and you should have increased conversions in keeping with your objective.

So to summarize:

  • Use story telling to propel visitor interest. Take an example from comics where each illustration and narrative engages readers and drives interest.
  • Because it's only a single page you'll have to work on simplifying your message and consider what information is necessary and what is not. This is a good start for highly effective communication. Focus on what you want to communicate and what you want your visitors to do on the site.
  • Single Pages Convert. On a single page website you stand a better chance of converting your traffic.Why? Because there's alot less clutter and confusion that may arise as a result of bad navigation. Here there is only one way to navigate and that's down. By carefully designing your page items you can more easily guide visitors towards the action you want them to take. You can also focus on making user interaction intuitive.
  • Less to Manage. Managing a full website can be time consuming and at times even a little challenging for beginners. With a single page website there is less information to update and only one page to build. 
  • When you create a one page website, you also allow for uniformity across all devices. On Exai. your site will be automatically mobile enabled and mobile friendly.

On Exai, you can create a one page website by choosing any one of our free templates, populating your own content and uploading images and then publishing the site. It's fully maintained for you and extremely user friendly when it comes to doing your own SEO.

Give the one page website a try using Exai and take advantage of the affordability and flexibility the platform can provide.