How to launch a Website

Launching a website can at times be really confusing and frustrating, especially for beginners. For example how much budget do you allocate for your new site? What about time constraints as you don't want to underestimate the work involved to complete the project? Have you given enough thought as to  your niche market and who are your target customers? These are just some of the issues that everyone building a website needs to consider. How to launch a website has more to do with preparation and understanding how you can leverage online resources to make your life alot easier.

If you plan on using Exai, a website CMS system geared toward SMB's then launching your website can be rewarding and  carefree. Why? Well, because with Exai you have the ability to estimate upfront costs for having your site fully maintained,continually updated and hosted 

Alot of the guesswork on how to launch a website is also eliminated by providing transparent cost structure for budgeting purposes, an easy to use step-by-step process built into the system for you and the use of pre-designed websites for your use. You have access to a large database of free website templates and stock images and all the design tools you need for building and maintaining your site.

We recommend the following steps to Getting Started:

Step 1: You will need a domain name. If you don't have one yet, no sweat as you can use the domain Exai assigns you before deciding on a custom domain to fit your requirements.

Step 2: Go to the Exai's Get Started page, choose a colour palette and website template. These are fully functional website templates that you can easily edit with your own unique content and media. For many beginners the ability to have a pre-designed website is essential. It gives you an upfront idea of workflow, design and size so that you can concentrate on the more essential things like populating unique content targeted to your visitors and onsite media. 

Exai's various templates also have the benefit of giving you an overview of different types of websites so that you can choose the type of websites you need (what's the nature and .

Step 3: Register to receive your own login and password. Give your site a name and follow the next steps to generate your site.

Step 4: The most important and possibly most challenging part of how to launch a website is planning and developing the content for the site. Content needs to be closely aligned to your customers needs. You will need to:

  • Describe your unique value proposition-what value are you delivering and for whom is it relevant
  • Determining your key buyer personas (who are your ideal customers) as you need to create content that is targeted and relevant to their interests and needs. Your content is meant to answer their questions and address their pain points.
  • Make sure to stick to a content schedule, like updating your site once a week and answering any questions your visitors may have.
Step 5: Start using Exai's WYSIWYG editor to add content to your site. Remember that your site is fully hosted and maintained on Exai.All updates are made automatically. Your site is also Mobile Enabled.

Keep in mind that at any stage you can opt to hire an Exai Web developer to do these things on your behalf. Since little custom work is required, the costs should be relatively modest.

Step 6: Before upgrading and publishing your site, review all the details carefully paying attention to good usability.