How to host your own website

How to host your own website is a question that comes up all the time. Building your website and hosting the site in fact, go hand in hand. Before we delve into the details of how to host your own website, I wanted to point out some facts regarding hosting that we should all be aware of before beginning.

  • Hosting your own website may pose serious security risks if you don't know how to implement sophisticated security tools. These can also be costly to run and maintain.
  • Hosting your own site is extremely time consuming and maintenance intensive-see the steps you have to take below.
  • Slow website performance related to your server or web hosting company
  • Site down time due to poor security and overload
  • Your network connection cannot rely on residential or DSL. You'll need a fast network connection like T1 (high costs)
In addition to this keep in mind that you need to download, install and configure a web server on your system and then learn how to use it.
All these issues are serious enough to consider running with a solution that provides you with a reliable hosting, ongoing website maintenance and an easy to use website builder for your site.

Luckily hosting your own website doesn't have to be so difficult or risky. Exai provides you with a fully hosted website along with a WYSIWYG drag and drop website builder for your site. Some of the benefits of hosting your site with Exai are:

  • Website uptime and security 24/7 along with online support
  • Transparent pricing for aligning your budget
  • Easy drag and drop website builder with every hosted site on Exai
  • On-line support
  • Automatic updates to the software and the system
  • Fast page load times
In fact, what Exai is best at doing is providing you a complete hosted solution solution for your website so that you can focus on building your business and servicing your clients. You can have a new website built and hosted on Exai or host an existing on by migrating your site onto our platform. 

  • Visit our "Get Started" page, choose your colour palette and website template
  • Complete your information, register your account details  and follow the next step for beginning to create your site
  • Your website will be assigned a domain automatically so that you can work on the site and create prototypes
  • When you're finished designing your site and adding content you can upgrade to have your site hosted on Exai
  • You'll be able to purchase a domain through Exai or connect your domain to your site 
How to host your own website does not have to be complicated. Exai can manage the entire process for you and be there to give you the support you need to promote your online business.