How to Hire a Web Designer

As an introduction on how to hire professionals to work on your website, Exai has a range of options for you to choose from. Each option gives you a pre-defined budget and full details about what services are included in the pricing.

You can have a website designed from scratch or transfer your existing website onto the Exai platform and have one of our professionals redesign it for you.

We suggest looking at the various packages that we have available and their associated costs. 

Have a look at for you to get an idea about the different plans available. You can choose your budget upfront. For example, Exai can design a website from scratch or convert your website and have a professional work on designing you a whole new look and feel for between $280-$420 depending on how many pages you need.

Keep in mind that all our web designers have extensive experience doing design and already provide their services to hundreds of companies using Exai. They are excellent at troubleshooting and solving problems if needed. You will have a clear point of contact and the time frame for doing updates for your site is quick and efficient (from a few minutes to a few hours).  

After choosing your package you will need to compile an information package to give to the designer during your first meeting. This package not only helps the designer become familiar with your business, but it prevents you from having to repeat yourself over and over. 

What kind of information should you give your designer?

Well, if there are a few websites you like, you should provide them as examples and explain what you like about them. The package should contain information about your business, your goals, target audience, what makes your company unique. 

The single most important factor will be working out what you want your website to achieve by carefully considering what its principal aims and goals are. Who exactly are your customers and what are their pains? Once you understand this, you have a good case for moving ahead. 

It is also common practice for companies to have branding guidelines, logos in a vector format, and basic content they want on the site. 

Also, prepare to answer several questions from the Web designer. A common question that designers ask is to explain the main objective of the site. Do you want more sales? Subscribers? Traffic? 

What special functionality do you need? Are you trying to sell products in an online store? Do you need special contact/prospect screening forms? If you're a small business, think of the answers ahead of time. In a larger business, meet with your management team to develop an answer. Important goals may include attracting a larger customer base or keeping up with a competitor. 

Pay attention that with Exai, you get to keep the deliverables and you can control permissions for subcontractors to work on your site as and when needed. Ongoing maintenance is provided by Exai so you don't need to worry about updating the latest plugins or providing security patches.