Google rolls out mobile first indexing

Google has announced that they are starting to roll out the 'mobile-first index', after a year and a half of testing.

In the last few years, we have seen the emergence of mobile-friendly websites. Now it seems the next few years will be the era of the mobile-first marketing.

Customer interaction takes place mostly on smartphones. Customers are two times more likely to experience your brand on a mobile device rather than in-store, according to a study made by Google.

Take a few moments & check here if your website is mobile friendly:

Every owner of a mobile-friendly website needs to form a clever mobile strategy. One that will meet the needs of customers and search engines.

Local businesses profit of Mobile

You can understand the shift towards mobile first as a product of the age of instant gratification. Meaning, people want what they want, when they want it and will look for it on their phones. This is a benefit for locally based businesses with a mobile ready site.

Today people may not even lift their heads from their iPhone/Samsung to see the huge costly signs with the name of your business on it. If you are not popping up on the local search results in Google, you can miss a lot of visits at your local store.

Personalized Experince

Having a mobile-optimized website will also allow you to deliver more personalized experiences. As previously mentioned, it attracts new clients and grants loyalty from existing ones.

In this world where personalization has become a key to increasing market share, desktop only websites are to be extinct.

Businesses that understood this concept of personalization doubled to tripled their revenues, according to a research made by The Boston Consulting Group.

Those who stay in the slow lane will gradually lose to their shrewd competitors who utilize customized mobile experiences as customers demand them. (For further reading see this article on Forbes about how to prepare for the mobile-first world of 2018)

Search Engine Optimization

Google has begun to prioritize mobile sites over the course of the last few years, along with the growth of people using mobile devices to access the internet. As time passes google gives more and more important to mobile websites:

In addition to the desktop rankings, Google will prioritize fast loading of mobile-friendly websites over slow loading ones in the near future (Starting in July 2018). As they announced in January of this year it will be a ranking factor as well.

For further reading about the enrollment of this update see this article on Techcrunch

Be Mobile Today - 2018

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