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WYSIWYG Web Builder

Looking for a non-technical website builder? 

Exai's WYSIWYG web builder puts web design and management  into the hands of non-technical people who run businesses. 

Everything you need in Web Builder:

No prior knowledge or code Needed
  • Fixed cost keeps you within budget
  • Intuitive "What You See Is What You Get" editor 
  • Drag and Drop functionality to simplify editing your site
  •  A range of Templates matched to your business field 

Still need help building your site and doing SEO? Any business owner that's too busy to do updates themselves can set permissions for service providers to do it for them.

Flexible and secure, setting permissions is easy and provides you with the piece of mind that co-workers can work on any part of your site without tampering with the design, page structure and media.


You can outsource your content and SEO to qualified service providers on the Exai marketplace. 

Exai has developed an eco-system whereby qualified Exai professionals like photographers, SEO experts and design professionals can provide best of the breed services to SMB's at a reasonable cost.

       20 day Free trail. No CC needed to sign up

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