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Website Maintenance

When it comes to website maintenance any difficulties in adding content, site up-time or managing the latest plugins can mean the difference between making a good profit or unfortunately a loss. Don't let poor website maintenance stop your company website from performing better.

When Website Maintenance get's out of control the costs can be exorbitant. 

Your website doesn't just look after itself. You will have to Face the costs and time effort to perform tasks like

  • Updating plugins, 
  • Doing backups and 
  • Performing software updates 

When website maintenance get's out of control  costs can run into  $1000's running on a platform like WordPress or Joomla.

Luckily, Exai's platform is fully managed and maintained for you. 

  • You can build your site and have it fully maintained at a fixed cost ($15/month) . 
  • This frees you up  to concentrate on building your  online presence without worrying about Website Maintenance.
  • Your customers visit your site specifically for its content.
  • Updating your content easily using Exai's Drag and Drop editor gives you the ability to engage customers with the latest information.
  • Giving your visitors new engaging  information, creates better rankings because  search engines index your site more frequently.

Exai is built to allow for comfortably adding content and you can set permissions for editors to safely work on any page or article without disrupting the page design or losing original content. When you give users a compelling reason for spending time on your site, allow them to do business with you,  their money will follow.

All websites built on Exai are already Mobile Friendly. 

Involving a web designer or even SEO expert is easy when you're using Exai. Exai can provide you excellent and cost effective services to augment your web design efforts. This will help you to leverage better assistance and experienced professionals while saving you time.

As to upkeep and website maintenance , it's  completely covered and all updates are automatically synced with the CMS. 

Check out some of the other links on our blog important information on building your own website and head over to "Get Started Now" to begin building your site on Exai.

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