SEO Website Design

Exai is the only Website Builder that simplifies SEO Website Design. 

Exai web builder integrates SEO best practices while you create your site. Exai automatically eliminates SEO errors from occurring and  gives you a Web Builder to help you rank better!

  • Built for SMB’s that don’t have the time or resources for learning SEO 
  • Cost Saving :Exai automatically Structures your content with H1 Headers and Page descriptions preventing on page SEO errors 
  • One Dashboard where it’s easier to update high value keywords and Page Descriptions 
  • Site structure optimized for proper XML site mapping Now you can create an awesome website and excel at SEO as well. Exai uses Amazon CloudFlare technology to speed up site loading times. 
  • Every Website built on Exai is Mobile Friendly 

        No Credit Card Required

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