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Mobile Friendly Website

Every  small businesses  needs a mobile optimized website. Your customers expect it.

Without it anyone using a mobile device like smartphones and tablets will find it increasingly hard to find you online. and even use your site.

Search engines like Google rank your website based on whether it's mobile friendly or not. Nowdays, 2018, google announced it will begin to roll out indexing mobile websites first, rather than traditional desktop sites (see here).

How do you know if your company website is mobile friendly?

Simple! Take the free google test by clicking the link and inputting your website URL : 

If your site fails the test, no sweat, you can always transfer your site onto Exai's platform. We will duplicate your site for you and you can continue editing and updating your site on the worlds easiest web builder. All SEO remains intact and there is no downtime.

What is involved with creating a mobile-friendly website?

If you don't yet have your website on Exai, then it could be a costly and involved process: 

  • You'll need plugins which almost always cost money. 
  • Then you need to make sure the plugin works with your website. 
  • You'll need to learn how to use and update the new software as well. 
  • All time consuming, especially for Small Business Website Owners.

How do you go about getting a mobile-friendly website?

Using Exai, your website is automatically Mobile Friendly. You don't have to do anything. No code, no plugins, and no headaches.

 Running on WordPress?

When using Exai as your platform of choice, your mobile friendly website will be automatically enabled and you can even choose to edit whatever items,text and images you require if you prefer a different design than the one Exai provides.

  • Exai offers small businesses the ability to have their website managed and hosted in one place
  • With the flexibility to build it themselves or have the site built for them while maintaining full control. 
  • You don't need any coding knowledge or special design pre-requisites. 
  • Your site can cost you as little as $13/month. 
  • You don't need a programmer to do changes or updates and your cost and time savings can be very substantial.

Exai's goal is to reduce the dependence on costly and times consuming website design, maintenance and updates. This is especially important for SMB's that don't have alot of time to spend on their site. They want a reliable partner that can maintain their website and automatically include the latest technical updates so that their site can continue performing and bringing in new business.

To begin using Exai, click HERE, choose a colour palette and template and you'll be ready to begin adding content and publishing your site.

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