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AI Powered Color Palette Generator

In the process of creating your own business, one of the most important steps is branding. It is the way other people perceive your business. When it comes to how people feel about your business, the first impressions are the most important. 

The first step in branding is choosing the right and best color palette that represents your business and you will use it during all the future marketing materials and in the process of creating your business website

Colors Evoke Emotions

Learn which color can evoke the emotion you want people to feel about your business. 

You may have an idea of what colors you would like to use for your branding, but before you make the final decision, have a look at what the colors you have picked actually mean. Might sound unreal, but try to analyze the psychology of colors and emotion

Choose Your Primary Color

Now that you know a little bit more about colors and their meaning, it is time to apply in practice what you learned. 

Great, you are ready to choose your primary colors! These are the colors you will use in your branding activities and the colors your target audience will recognize you with. 

While it is not critical, you will likely want to choose only two primary colors. It is also useful to know that out of the two main colors, one will be used more than the other one when it comes to applying the color palette. 

It is important to note that your primary colors should either contrast or complement well together, and neither should outshine one another. In some case, if they do, you can always play with the shades, tints, and tones to the best balance between the two colors. 

Here is a basic explanation of the mentioned terms: 

Shades: Mixing black to a pure color. 

Tints: Mixing white to a pure color. 

Tones: Mixing gray to a pure color. 

Exai’s Built In Color Palette Generator Tool for Web Design

To make the process of choosing the right colors, Exai created a color palette generator that is available to use during the proces of creating a website, for free. 

The color palette generator is a built in tool that allows you to choose the primary color. Using AI, it automatically generates three more colors as primary colors. From the four main, the tool generates another four shades of each color. The primary colors are named as First, Second, Third and Fourth and the shades of each one as Lighter, Light, Dark and Darker. 

You can always modify each of the four primary colors manually and automatically the shades will change accordingly. 

With Exai there is no additional software to install, no developer needed and no code to write. It uses simple drag & drop functionality that's intuitive and easy to use. 

Try Exai’s Color Palette Generator

You can try the color palette generator by creating a free trial website on Exai’s platform. All you need to do is to create an account on Exai and create a new website, either from a template or from scratch. Choose the main colors and play with it. 

If you get stuck anywhere in the website creation process, fill out the form below and explain the issue you have. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Enjoy your web design process! 

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